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In this article, we have provided ideas regarding gifts that you can give to your male boss on this Boss Day.

Gifts For Male Boss

As the years pass by, the things you can gift to a boss get exhausted and the chances of being repetitive and monotonous with your gifts increases. Here, we will give you innovative and creative gift ideas for your boss. If you have a male boss, there are many things that you can gift, ranging from a champagne/wine bottle to football/cricket jersey, cuff links, silk tie, digital photo album, etc., depending upon your boss's favourite sport, favourite music band or maybe the genre of book that interests him. You could choose anything depending upon the information that you have about your boss and ensure that your gift is constructive and special and not just a waste of money! Opt for a funny and humorous gift if you think your boss is capable of appreciating a comical and witty object. The very thought of buying a gift for your boss would be well appreciated by him but, if you put in a little time and patience, you could also ensure that your gift is remembered long after you've parted ways with him. Read the next section for more ideas on gifts for male bosses.

Gift Ideas For Male Bosses

Sports Gears And Accessories
Office toys like stress balls, silly talking pens, magic puzzle cubes, magnetic toys, etc. make for great gifts to a male boss. If you are aware about the outdoor sport which interests your boss then gifting him sports gear and accessories specific for that sport would make for a thoughtful and useful gift item. Golf gear, like a club, a golf ball or a golf divot tools, etc. are good ideas if he cherishes golf occasionally (for experts, you'll need a whole new level of equipment). A fishing line or hook or even some fish bait will be appreciated if your boss loves fishing. Choose from collector's item of autographed rugby balls, tee shirts, bats or balls for the avid rugby, soccer or cricket fan. Poker chips, a wooden card box, poker novelty items or even mirrored sunglasses which can aid him while bluffing, are all good gift items for a boss who absolutely loves poker.

Gadgets And Gizmos
It is no secret that every guy loves gadgets and gizmos. Here is an extensive list you can choose from while taking your pick. Electronic diary, electronic golf calculator, digital photo album, digital calendar, speaker phones, mug warmer, Personal organizer or PDA, Video and MP3 Jukebox recorder, back massager, memo pad, golf club drink dispenser, mini USB refrigerator, wine holder, laptop essential kits, mobile meeting pad folio, digital notepad, cash and card case, pass word manager, portable charging mat, etc. This is a list that is priced from a couple of dollar to more than just a few dollars. Choose any item depending upon your budget or ask a couple of other colleagues to pool in and bear the damage.

Personalised Gifts
Personalised gifts are those where you include a message and/or a photograph of your boss, generally with the entire team in a photo, and either frame it or get it printed as a poster, or even on a coffee mug, t-shirt or sweat shirt etc. Engraved pens, watches, name plates, cufflinks, etc also come under this category. Also included are customised showpieces, glass blocks, framed certificates, mouse pads and card holders etc. A personalised gift is more meaningful and certainly more touching.

Gift For The Funny Bone
A funny gift includes replacing your boss's head, in a picture, with that of the superman's face. If you are biased towards batman, then go ahead and edit his face with that of your boss. Print the photo and frame it up! Sounds easy? It sure is and inexpensive as well. Other gift items that are sure to tickle the funny bone include mugs with funny one liners on them, a giant stapler or a giant calculator with abnormally large number keys, a picture of the cartoon caricature of your boss, smiley faced affirmation balls, etc. But make sure that your boss is one who appreciates humour before you go out and get stuff like these!

With so many ideas and tips to choose from, we are hoping you don't have to scratch your head the next time you have to choose a gift for your boss.