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Come let's check out how you can express your gratitude towards your boss with some beautiful quotes.

Boss Quotes

A quote in need is a quote indeed! Boss Day is a perfect occasion for you to spruce up your literary skills and put them to use. Telling your boss what s/he truly means to you doesn't have to come with an entire page filled with words. As they say, less is more. Praising the efforts taken by your boss comes with no strings attached (or maybe a bonus!). A beautiful quote can sum up what s/he means to you, how s/he has helped you grow and most importantly, how much s/he has supported you when the times were bad. The quote you include can either be a famous saying or an inspiring one or both, which is targeted at the persona of the boss. A quote doesn't have to be a serious one stretching across three lines or so. It can be hilarious, funny, emotional, subtle or even sarcastic and yet professional and disciplined because s/he is your boss after all! Jesus Christ once said: "If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch". It can't get any more obvious - this is why you need a leader, a boss and a friend in your life.

Quotes break all social, lingual and emotional barriers between two people. It is essentially a powerful medium of expression that can create magic, if required! Drafting a letter or card with a relevant saying or quotation to go along with it is an influential and motivating way to proceed up the career ladder. You are probably wondering when to slip this note within your boss's reach. There is a specific day i.e. on the 16th October of every year, also called the National Boss Day in US but, it is fast becoming an international celebration. On this day, all employees are expected to make their superiors feel special and celebrated. Work tensions and stress are left behind in the workplace! There are some people who might ask about the difference between a leader and a boss. A leader leads and a boss drives. The concept is as simple as that. So, to provide gratitude towards someone who has been influential in your life is saying less. Instead, quote to impress!

Gestures are always admired even if your boss is a strict one! To attain efficiency at work, maintain a good working relationship, send out positive vibes. Being empowered comes with taking the first step forward and giving your bosses their due credit for what they have done for you. The one who exercises real authority over you is only inspiring you to follow his/her footsteps so that someday, you could reach their position. So, it doesn't matter if you boss is moody or cranky - they are just different ways of guiding your team - write him/her a small quotation and make their day better! This would indirectly lead to a betterment of your career in the organization as well. Quotes can be written for any subject. If it is for your boss, then it's favorable to pick something along the lines of goal setting, business management, determination, leadership, integrity or inspiration. There's always a soft corner in your heart for your boss, even if you deny it! So, do something meaningful and special this time around. Information regarding the various possible quotations and sayings are as listed in the section below. Read it up and put your best foot forward in making an impact on the big B!

Boss Day Quotes
Its Boss's day today! It is quite often that you receive appreciation and awards when you perform well in your office. How often do you get an opportunity to appreciate the motivation and help you get from your boss? On this boss's day, avoid being tongue-tied and make an attempt to thank your superior. On this very special day, convey your gratitude

Boss Farewell Quotes
Farewells are occasions to express our good will for people who part ways on account of moving on in life or even retirement. It is very hard to say farewell to someone who guided us in our hard time, appreciated our effort and led from the front during difficulties. But, you have no other option when time demands it. It's time now to thank

Funny Boss Day Quotes
We all love to laugh. It makes us feel lighter. Come out of the chains of formal boss-employee relationship and do something funny to make this boss's day a memorable one both for you and your boss. Employees worldwide make use of this wonderful day to thank their bosses for their tremendous support and supportive guidance that helps them to create a graph of increasing performance on a regular basis.

Boss Day Quotes for Cards
Ever since Patricia Haroski made a proposal for the registration of Boss's Day, it has been celebrated with much pomp and show. Different countries attribute various sections of the day to this occasion. The workplace gets decorated; the boss is showered with cards, gifts and flowers and is made to feel extremely special on this day.

Retirement Quotes for Boss
Growing old is unavoidable and so is retirement! At some point, there is a greater need to settle down within the comforts of our homes and take in what life has to offer. A retired person once said: 'Retirement' is when you stop living at work and begin working at living'. It is especially hard for those who have excelled at their professions and maintained a high-quality lifestyle.

Quotes for Thanking Boss
Bosses - some hate them, some love them but none can survive without them. You may not be exceptionally grateful to your boss but that doesn't change the fact that you owe him/her all that you've learnt on job. So, here's for those times that you have desired to thank your boss for all that s/he has done (and not done!) to help you learn the tricks of the trade.