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Let's learn about the magic of gifting greeting cards to your Boss and affirming your gratitude towards him.

Cards For Boss

Exchanging greeting cards and sending notes with personal messages are one of the oldest traditions that we use to express our thoughts and feelings. This custom has survived over the years and the trend continues to be popular even today. With the changing times, the simple old greeting cards have evolved into musical cards, audiovisual cards and, with the spread of internet, electronic cards. Although, there are a million other ways to express our feelings, cards still remain unbeatable in their popularity. In the age of the internet, with other sophisticated and speedy methods available at our disposable, we still treasure all those dog eared, old, yellow greeting cards that we received years back. The custom of giving greeting cards holds a lot more sentimental value than any other forms of goodwill gestures. So, even when it comes to wishing your boss, cards rule the roost.

Whether you are wishing your boss on his/her birthday, Christmas or even making a thank-you gesture on Boss's Day, a single card can help express your feelings explicitly and convey the message, which you are trying to send across. It is indeed hard to find another way of communicating your wishes, as well as your deepest feelings, that can surpass the charisma of the good old greeting card. These little notes of appreciation can do wonders in strengthening the relationship that you share with your boss. For all the encouragement, support, appreciation, co-operation and opportunities that your boss gives to the employees and the company in general, gifting him a card is the very least that you could do on those special occasions.

Cards are terrific and they serve as the messenger of your heartfelt feelings and are definitely ranked above and beyond the glitz and shine of material gifts. The employee and boss share a wonderful bond, an enchanting and magical chemistry, which translates into profit and mutual benefits. This bond needs to be nurtured and tended carefully. One of the ways to keep a cordial, professional and amicable relationship with your boss is to go an extra mile, to make the special occasions beautiful, touching and memorable for your boss. The articles in this section include write-ups on boss day cards and e-cards that tend to specific occasions like Christmas, birthdays and Boss's day, help you express your feelings of gratitude towards your chief and also seek to humour the humourous bosses by way of funny Boss day quotes. Remember to add value to the greeting card, which you select to send to your boss. For example, you can include a personal incident or an appropriate quote or even a heartfelt message tailor-made for your boss. The purpose is to make your boss feel appreciated and, let's face it, we all want to feel loved and recognised at one point or the other. By conveying to your boss, how much you admire and respect him/her would make his/her day, and bring a smile on the face that guided you well through your professional life.

Boss Day Cards
Theodore Roosevelt once said, "The best leader is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it." A boss plays an extremely important role in the lives of employees, right from the time of their interview to the time when the person finally leaves the job.

Boss Day Ecards
Boss's Day is around the corner and what better occasion could there be to shower your boss with tokens of your affection and respect? Although you may despise your boss on certain days but there's no denying the fact that he/she plays a critical role in shaping your career and helps you in achieving higher goals in your career. On this special day,

Christmas Cards for Boss
Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart. ~ Washington Irving. Who doesn't like the winter holidays? It is a time of cheer and spirit brought into the world in the form of gifts and greeting cards. Exchanging of good will is done unconditionally with everyone,

FunnyBoss Day Cards
"He isn't a real boss until he has trained subordinates to shoulder most of his responsibilities." ~ William Feather. If your boss has given you so much, it's time to give him some niceness back! Hence, October 16th of every year is dedicated to this special person that has seen your worst and best career performances. What can be a better way to appreciate

Happy Birthday Cards for Boss
A birthday brings a myriad of thoughts to our mind such as balloons, candles, cakes, parties, etc. Birthdays are those special days that give us the much needed occasion to convey our regards to the birthday person. Simple flowers, grand bouquets, gifts, cards, etc. are some of the things we use to show our love and concern to the birthday boy/girl.

Thank You Boss Cards
"Gratitude is the memory of heart." Expressing gratitude is a great thing since by doing so, you appreciate a person and the effort that he/she made to help you. You can appreciate a person in many ways. Giving an adorable smile or a mellifluous 'thank you' is the simplest way of appreciation but, this may not be quite enough to express the gratitude you feel