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Let's find out how effective are songs in letting your feelings known to your Boss, on this Boss Day. Explore famous songs on boss.

Songs for Boss

Songs are rhythmic and poetic expressions of emotions. They have the uncanny ability of touching people's emotions at all times. That's the reason we become emotional while listening to good music. Songs can make you go from happy to sad and vice versa in a verse. They can also make you feel supremely special, that is, if the song in all about you. So, make your boss feel special on this special boss day because, this day is solely meant for the deserving chieftains! Words are powerful and so is music and their combination is divinity redefined. So, don't hesitate to sing a song for your boss on every occasion right from his birthday to his farewell. That could be a touching experience for him. Read on further through this article and find some interesting songs listed below. Of course, songs are not complete with mere lyrics. They are just the body of the song. It is the music that gives life to it - the soul of the song.

Famous Songs On Boss

Farewell Song For Boss
(Snow Patrol Rock Band)
"You could be happy and I won't know
But you weren't happy the day I watched you go.
And all the things that I wish I had not said
Are played on lips 'til it's madness in my head
It's too late to remind you how we were
But now our last days of silence scream in blur
Most of what I remember makes me sure
I should have stopped you from walking out the door
You could be happy I hope you are
You made me happier than I'd been by far
Somehow everything I own smells of you
And for the tiniest moment it's all not true
Do the things that you always wanted to
Without me there to hold you back, don't think, just do
More than anything I want to see you go
Take a glorious bite out of the whole world"

Song For Boss Day
(I Love My Boss - MoxyFruvous)
"He can't stand a loss
He's always cross
His name is Ross
I love my boss
He isn't full of fluff and gloss
He gives me work and many chores to do
My model, like Ben Cartwright to Hoss
And though he pays me minimum wage
It's all I deserve at this stage
Some union hack said I should ask for more
I answered with suitable rage
I love my boss
One day I came to work too late
I'd had a Fruvous luncheon date
My boss he summoned me to speak with him
I sweated, awaiting my fate
He said "you're gone!"
It was just like the wrath of Khan
But my dear boss let me apologize
I love him, and I had been wrong

Birthday Song For Boss
("Your trip around the sun" - Long Ballard)
"Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays;
Here's wishing you a rewarding year of fun;
Here's wishing you good health and wealth
And Always
Joy and love and laughter
On your trip around the sun!
Now turn your wishes into plans
To make your dream come true
Help make the world a better place
With everything you do
Just lend your hands to help someone
And share your smile with anyone
And find kind words for everyone
Then make your dreams come true! So,
Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays;
Here's wishing you a rewarding year of fun;
Here's wishing you good health and wealth
And always
Joy and love and laughter
On your trip around the sun!"

Above mentioned are a few songs that you can sing on this Boss's Day as a tribute or a teaser, depending upon the boss's nature. Start singing the song the moment s/he sets foot in the office and leave the rest to the cacophony that will definitely ensue. To make this deal perfect, don't forget to hand out lyrics to all your colleagues. And though, practiced songs have a different feel to them, spontaneous ones are the best if you just want to have fun.