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Making gift baskets for your boss is a wonderful idea, as far as Boss Day is concerned. Get some great Boss Day gift basket ideas.

Boss Day Gift Baskets

When it comes to giving a gift to your best girl friend you could score cookie points by gifting her heels, for your mum it could be perfumes and a tie or a cuff link could be ideal for your father. But you are left scratching your head when it comes to deciding what to gift your boss. After much thinking, and consulting with friends and colleagues, if you still don't have a clue on what to gift your boss, then read on. The simple idea we suggest is to put all the items on your list in a basket and turn it into a gift basket! On boss's day, gifting your boss a wonderful gift basket shows friendliness over and above the regular appreciation, admiration and gratitude that you intend to show. Just make sure that your gift basket of assorted goodies is well thought off and useful. With a wide options ranging from a cookie tower, assorted wine and gourmet basket, DVD collection basket, golf gift basket, spa retreat gift basket, or even a tea/coffee gift basket, you are spoilt for choice. Go through the following ideas and decide which best suits, your wallet and your boss, the best!

Boss Day Gift Basket Ideas

Gift Basket For A Male Boss

Backyard BBQ Grilling Gift Basket
Turn up the heat with Barbeque sauces, glazes, seasonings, tortilla chips, red cotton grilling apron and throw in some guacamole dip mix. You could customise your gift basket by stitching "Best Boss" on to the apron. Be innovative and pack some Margarita bottles or wine bottle as well. Now, if your basket is big and there is room for more then, how about a couple of Margarita or wine glasses?

Catch of the Day Fishing Gift Basket
If you have a boss who drives down to his lake house every alternate weekend and goes fishing, then here is a brilliant idea. A fishing gift basket! All of us want our gift items to add value to the recipient's life and with a boss who loves fishing, things like seasoned pretzels, 'fish tales' snack mix, 'fish bait' gummy worms would be an instant hit. You can also pack tortilla chips, cheddar cheese bar, chocolate chip cookies, smoked salmon, pasta salad with a delicious sauce mix as snacks for the fisherman when he goes fishing. You can personalise the basket by adding a hand painted fishing themed mug or ceramic fishing themed picture frame to show off the 'Biggest Catch Ever!' and even a fishing teddy bear.

Born To Golf Gift Basket
Knowing about your boss's penchant for the game of golf will make you think on those lines and a pack of practice wiffle balls, golf towels, golf rule-booklets, etc can be your obvious choices. If you are looking forward to show the extra special thought and concern, customise the golf basket with a golf themed picture frame, golfer's coffee mug, novel golf slippers and/or genuine golfing teddy bears as well.

Gift Basket For A Female Boss

Relaxation Spa Retreat Gift basket
Pamper your boss with this gift basket and allow her to experience a personal course on the three R's - Refresh, Rejuvenate and Renew. The superbly equipped spa basket soothes both body and mind with a shower gel/lavender bubble bath, scented sachet, body scrub, handcrafted bath soap, scented body lotion, body butter, body mist and soothing aromatherapy candles. This lavish assortment may also include terry cloth bath pillow, moisturizing foot socks, hot/cold eye mask, rejuvenating hand/nail cream, pedicure kit, relaxing eye gel mask, etc. As you can see, the list can fill the whole article but we are sure you will fill the tote bag with bath essentials that clean and indulge the skin leaving it as soft as silk.

Garden Goddess Gift Basket
A garden gift basket for the aspiring - or even expert - gardener in your boss with a green thumb may even get you a promotion. The goodies in this gift basket would make your boss want to skip office and live forever in the garden! You could gift a fun pink garden tote and fill it up with flower seed packets, set of 5 garden tools, cotton gardening gloves, roasted garlic crackers, spinach artichoke dip mix, vitamin water, peach and raspberry iced tea mixes.

Along with the above mentioned ideas you could also gift your boss a 'I Love Music', 'Poker Chips', 'Pet themed', 'Sporty', 'Lights, Camera, Action-Movie Night', 'Italian themed', etc. gift baskets as well.