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Having a theme party on Boss Day is an excellent idea. Check out theme ideas for Boss Day party.

Boss Day Party Themes

Boss days are all about celebration. A celebration, which is exclusively, meant for a boss and his/her employees. Around the world, employees celebrate this occasion to pamper their bosses and to make them feel special. Most often, employees throw parties for their beloved bosses and use this podium to deliver a note of thanks and appreciation for all the guidance and motivation that they get round-the year. You might also consider organizing a party - a special party, much different from the ordinary ones. Decors definitely give a special ambience to the party hall and games doubtlessly make the party ecstatic. But, all these cannot match the fun and air of a theme based party. Theme based party is not a new concept - it is a rather common one. Decide your theme and you can get all the essentials from party organizers or event managers. There are endless choices for party themes. Just select the one which convinces you. Theme based parties requires more time for preparations and so, you need to decide your theme at least a week in advance of the D-day. Go through the choices given below and see what suits you and your boss the most!

Boss Day Party Theme Ideas

Tips To Organize A Boss Day Theme Party
  • If you are planning for a theme party, you should plan it much earlier so that you can collect all the necessary add-ons and accessories to execute the theme effectively.
  • Choose a theme and plan how you want to represent that theme.
  • List out what all things you need for the theme in question. Decide all the photos, labels, music, dresses etc that you'd need to make it a big success.
  • Prepare party invitations
  • Choose a venue. It is better to celebrate this day outside your office because it is the one and only chance to take your boss out of the office during office hours!
  • Decide the menu which suits the party theme.
Sporty Sporty
Maybe your boss is enthusiastic about a particular sport, say, Baseball for example. Suppose he goes mad about anything and everything related to this particular sport then why spend time to search for another party theme?
  • Ask Guests to dress up in Baseball jerseys.
  • Place a baseboard 'sign in' board for the guests to sign in.
  • Take real-sized cut-outs of baseball heroes and decorate the party hall with these and some enlarged, laminated base-ball game snapshots. This gives a perfect baseball ambience to the party hall.
  • Place peanuts on each table and that too, in pails and also embellish the seats and tables with custom baseball theme label.
  • Organize some small party games like whiffle ball which gives a perfect finish to the theme.
  • If you wish to see your boss swoon with surprise, gift him/her a baseball party favor with a set of baseball jersey, hat, maracas, inflatable baseball etc.
What About Going Ethnic?
Ethnic ideas are perfect theme to spice up a party. Make your party rich with Arabian theme and trust us when we say that nothing can match the fun.
  • Brass and carpets are inseparable part of old Arabian stories. So, decorate the party hall with different types of carpets, brass trinkets, Aladdin lamps etc.
  • Arabian Nights party decors like Aladdin lamp, Arabian knight weapons, Arabian night star swirls etc. are commercially available.
  • Men can dress up in 'sultan costumes - trousers, turban with plume, waist coat and waste sash while women can dress in loose airy silk pantaloons which are snug at the waste. This along with a midriff top with or without sleeves gives the perfect 'Harem princess look'.
  • Knitted shoes go well with Arabian costumes.
  • Head piece is optional but highly desirable for a complete look.
  • Middle East menu items like hummus shawarma, Afghani chicken etc., are perfect choice for Arabian night theme party.
Addicted To Work?
If it seems that your boss is in love with the office and work is the only thing that fascinates him/her, then borrow the theme 'office' for the Boss's Day party and for a perfect finish.
  • Dress-up like other colleagues (you can even borrow their clothes) and add superb fun to the party.
  • You can also plan the theme 'Who is the boss'. This would be simple, but surprising one. Ask all party mates to dress up like boss - copy his/her hairstyle and body language and it would be a fun to watch your boss amidst all the copies!
  • However, make sure that nothing embarrasses the boss.
  • Arrange catering and get the food that your boss absolutely adores.
  • Think of funny games to add a dash of humour to the ongoing fun
Now you have three different choices to bash this Boss Day celebrations with. Adopt one and rock this special day with lots of fun!