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SMSs are as swift as they are simple. They can convey everything beautifully. Read through what we have to say about Boss's Day SMS and choose the best SMS for your wonderful boss!

Boss Day SMS

Messages are goodwill ambassadors which carry warmth, love, care and concern from one person to another. It takes but a message to make your beloved's presence felt. Conveying the worth of a special person in your life becomes increasingly easier via a message than through spoken words. A simple message shortens the distance between you and your loved ones! Seasonal greetings and situation-specific SMSs have been in common practice ever since the concept of messaging invaded the social circles. These situation specific messages maybe sent during festivals and special occasions such as birthdays, wedding, etc. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, sending wishes has become a matter of a few seconds. And since, in modern times, purchasing greeting cards and relying upon the postal services to deliver our messages is becoming increasingly obsolete due to various reasons, messaging is the new mantra of staying in touch. Just type it and send the message to your loved ones.

With the invention of cell phones, SMS created revolutionary changes in the means of day to day communications. Easy access is one of the major plus-point of an SMS. Like other occasions, one can find a huge collection of SMS for Boss's Day as well. These short messages give direct access to the destined person without any time lag. It is also a cheaper (and more private) mode of communication since there are many packages offered by the various telecom companies, with which you can send your messages absolutely free of cost. The 'beep' of the cell phone on every special occasion and festival brings pleasure and happiness to the recipient. After all, who doesn't love to be pampered by loved ones? Bosses are special people as well and deserve every special word of admiration and thought during festivities and selected few occasions such as Boss's day, etc. So, send an SMS to your boss and pamper him/her with all the gratitude and appreciation that you have ever felt. You can also gift your chief, a casket full of laughter with finely tuned jokes or even share some thoughts with the help of quotes and sayings. Let your boss know that he/she holds a special place in your heart. These messages are acknowledgements for all the help and guidance you've ever received from your boss so, don't leave any stone unturned to make this day special for your boss. This gesture would only help you get closer to your boss and find a high place in his/her good books. So what are you waiting for? Take out your cell phones and start composing a message for your beloved boss! For ideas, keep flipping through this site!

Boss Birthday SMS
Birthdays, or the birth anniversaries of our beloved ones, are joyous occasions, exclusively meant for celebrations. They represent the successful completion of a year, a span of 365 days, adding one more year of wisdom to life. It is also a doorsill to the next year of life. Hence, a birthday is the perfect time to analyze the past year,

Boss SMS
SMS is the easiest, and the most popular way, to stay connected with people regardless of their age, sex and culture. Since it is trendy, quick, easily accessible and simple, sending text messages is by far the most common way to stay in touch. After all, why spend time browsing the internet and sending a mail when you can type a personalised message on

Boss SMS Jokes
All of us love to laugh. It makes us feel light. Words, if arranged wonderfully in a compact composition to make funny comments, can get just about anyone laughing. It is easy to laugh but, it is hard to make others laugh. Jokes are wonderful comments which help you forget worries and frustrations, at least, for a short stretch of time. Your boss may be having a tough frustrating work schedule throughout the year.