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There are a number of gift items that are sure to impress your female boss, especially on Boss Day. Check out some gift ideas.

Gifts For Female Boss

Whether it's Boss's day around the corner or your boss's birthday, one can never runs out of reasons to present gifts to one's boss. Buying gifts for bosses is a tricky thing as your relationship with them balances on the thin line between extreme professionalism and over-friendliness. But with friends like us, you needn't scratch your head too much. Forget the ancient greeting cards, cliché flower bouquets and boring assorted cookies and think out of the box for something special istead. If you report to a lady then the task becomes that much easier as there is a plethora of options available for women in the market. If you are buying the gift all by yourself, then budget is an important consideration. There is no need to exceed your budget as it is not the price tag but the warmth, respect and thankfulness which will win your boss over. Pooling in money with colleagues and buying special gifts is always a better idea as it is economical for each individual and assures a good quality gift at the same time. A gift that is useful, constructive and meaningful can demand extra research efforts from your side but once found, you will find your way in the boss's favourite list. Read the next section for some brilliant ideas on the above lines.

Gift Ideas For Female Bosses

Professional Gifts
Enter a departmental stationary store and you can choose anything from a leather-bound planner, beautiful paperweight, fancy pen, pad folio, marker board, pen stand, digital calendar, etc. Anything from a coaster to a mug warmer or even a showpiece to decorate her cabin will be considered thoughtful and sensible. With a little time and patience, you could figure out what your boss would need the most and this way your gift will certainly be used as opposed to gathering dust in the corner shelf! A professional gift to the working lady to help her stay organized and on the track to success will ease her work and make her happy as well.

A Feminine Gift
From designer bags to silk scarves, perfumes, string of pearls, spa retreat gift baskets, etc, all would appeal to the feminine side of your boss. Considering the life that your boss has outside the office, selecting a gift that she is most likely to use would make for an excellent present. A potted plant, ornamental or decorative like orchids, Meyer Lemons, dwarf citrus fruits, etc. could brighten up the decor of her house as well as office. A window herb in a pot could serve the dual purpose of being both a decoration as well as a cooking ingredient! If your boss has an active funny bone then wrap a 'Chia pet' around the plant or the pot and present it to her! If you happen to know of her taste in books then you could even buy her the latest edition from her favourite author or genre. A scented candle or a collection of aromatherapy candles is, of course, a popular gift item for women of all age groups.

Gift Vouchers
Sometimes, when you don't know what to get for your boss, you could play it safe and get her a gift voucher from a mall, or a spa or fitness centre, or even a book store. Gift voucher to a restaurant, movie or even to a game of sports is a great idea. These vouchers not only show your concern and thoughtfulness but also depict your intelligence in letting your boss choose whatever she likes. This is a good option when you are a new employee and do not know much about your boss's likes and dislikes as yet.

Customised Gifts
Turn the timeless memories into wonderful customised gifts by choosing a favourite picture/s of your boss and getting it printed on a mug, sweat-shirt or even a t-shirt. Include a personal message to deliver your thoughts and feelings if you are planning to make a collage. You can customize almost anything, starting from a coffee mug, coasters, mouse pads, magnet arts, calendars, photo frames, photo books and photo albums, tee shirts, aprons etc. A medal, trophy or a certificate saying 'Best Boss Ever' can also make her feel special, appreciated and loved at the same time.

Although you'd like to think that you are the best possible gift that she can have as a boss, gifting a random thing here and there would still be a good idea. After all, how else can you make her feel how special you are as an employee!