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Gifting a book to a boss on a special occasion shows consideration and appreciation. Read this article to get ideas on the type of books that you can gift your boss.

Books for Boss

Books are the best gifts for a boss, even if he/she is not a self proclaimed 'booklover'. There are so many genres of books one can choose from - classic literature, thriller, horror, non-fiction to the good old romantic ones. The story lives long after a book has been read and thus books make a wonderful souvenir, not just for bosses in particular but for your teachers, colleagues or even parents for that matter! If you are familiar with your boss's reading habits and interests then it should not be a problem to search the bookstores for the right type of books to gift. Sometimes however, you may find yourself totally at sea on what your boss likes to read and what his/her interests are. Well, in that case, just look up the bestselling books or the critically acclaimed ones and take your pick. You could not possibly go wrong when you follow the popular tradition. Books of any kind, nature and type are always informative and educational, and a journey through the pages of a book transforms the reader, and makes for an enriching experience. If there is an occasion around the corner (maybe the boss's birthday or even boss's day!), always remember a 'book' as a gift is always the safest and wise option. Read the next section for more tips and advice on these lines.

Book For Bosses

Motivational Books
Motivational books which ignite a fire in the bellies and recharge passions do wonders to the overall growth of a person. All said and done, these motivational books can certainly be good gift items. Consult the bestselling list in this genre before making your purchase. All time favourite authors in this genre include Robin Sharma, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Wayne W Dyer, etc.

Biographies and autobiographies are true stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats. These books inspire through excellent examples of people who have survived the oddest odds and fought with adversities to emerge successful in the end. Thus, if you are confused on what genre of books to gift your boss, give a careful consideration to the biographies and autobiographies. A few notable examples would be 'My Life' by Bill Clinton, 'Oprah Winfrey- A Biography' by Katherine E Krohn, 'Bill Gates' by Jeanne M Lesinski, etc.

Fun Begins At Work
"A day you've laughed is a day you haven't wasted". This quote by Regina Barecca highlights the importance of fun and humour in life. Think of P.G Wodehouse or even Roald Dahl and instantaneously a grin lights up even the most sombre faces. From Terry Pratchett, Ogden Nash and Lindsey Davis to even a Dave Berry can crack you up, and brighten up the day, magically. What better book to gift your boss than one that can lighten up his/her day?

Interesting Interests
This category is the broadest of all the others. Gift a book depending on the interests of your boss. And to find out what interests your boss has, your interactions must be more than just a general 'Good Morning' daily. So, your first task is to find out what your boss truly likes. If he is one of those typical 'men will be men' kind of boss who worship gadgets, gizmos, bikes, racing cars, sports and the like, an exhaustive and extensive guide book or a coffee table book on these could be a good idea. For female bosses, a guidebook to the fashion world or a book on shoes, dresses or other accessories makes for a perfect gift.

Hope the above mentioned ideas for books to gift a boss help you make the right choice at the right time. Other gift ideas include magazine and/or journal subscription for a month or more, depending on the boss's interests of course. A very good option could also be a gift voucher from a popular book store so that your boss is able to buy whatever book s/he chooses. In future, whenever you have to buy a gift for your boss, leave aside the cliché wine bottle or a flower bouquet and opt for either a biography, or the latest book by a famous investor, business or media tycoon or tickle his/her funny bone with a humorous book. An important word of advice here would be to make sure you write a note of appreciation and personalise this wonderful gift even further.