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Let's check out some of the interesting facts and trivia related with the Boss Day celebrations.

Boss's Day Trivia

There is a famous saying by John Gotti which reads: "If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn't have a job if he was any smarter." At your workplace, your boss is all you have. S/he sees you at all times and helps you improve when you perform low and appreciates your efforts when you do a good job. Boss's Day celebrated on October 16th of every year, is one that seeks to remind the senior just how special s/he is. It is required of the employees to commemorate and celebrate this occasion with maybe flowers and cards. It doesn't take too much to impress your boss, because most of it has already been done at the time of interview! Many of us forget to appreciate the efforts made by this individual. These days, bosses are known to be more of teachers, mentors, team builders and the guiding light at the end of our tunnel of darkness. It is not only a boss but also a CEO, manager, supervisor or a senior that has taken that first foot forward in helping you achieve your dreams. Remembering Boss's Day is a must in every organization as it makes way for congeniality amongst co-workers and improves relationships and productivity. If you are curious to know more, read some interesting trivia on the same!

Interesting Facts About Boss's Day
  • There are 6.7 million managers in the USA and about 1.6 million managers in Canada. All of them require pampering if you want a raise!
  • October 16th is celebrated nationwide and all credit goes to Patricia Haroski who submitted a proposal to the Governor of Illinois asking for a day to remember all the bosses.
  • 40% of the world's total boss population is made up of female bosses. It is for this reason that several websites have now divided gift options into: male and female!
  • The term 'boss' is derived from the Dutch word 'baas' which means master, a title given to a captain on a ship.
  • Boss's Day usually comprises of employees presenting the boss with a gift or card. According to custom, the boss must be treated with extreme kindness (no bickering on this day at least!).
  • According to the dictionary, there are several ways to define the word 'boss'. In medicine, it means a swelling. In slang, it means something that is top-class while on the farm, it is another word for a cow/calf. This technically makes: Your boss healed a boss on the farm that had a boss, correct!
  • The first time 'Boss' was used in English was in 1625. It was done so that the Americans could replace the use of the word 'master'.
  • On the feminist side of things, it is said that companies with atleast three women on their board have a chance of almost 16.7% return (which is better than normal!). If this happens, Boss's Day automatically becomes more important for them, due to obvious stress levels!
  • Boss is supposed to the 3714th most common last name in the USA. So if you're boss's name is John Boss, there shouldn't be any problem in calling him Mr. Boss! Works well for all purposes, doesn't it?
  • Hate or love your boss? Immaterial! Your best option is to learn how to manage your boss! Thanking him/her in the form of cards, gifts, flowers or memorabilia is a way of telling the boss that even though it might not seem so, s/he is appreciated for all his efforts.
  • Some organizations are more lavish that the others where games and decorations are put up in order to make the boss work less (lesser than everyday!) and reduce his/her tensions. Employees are responsible for actions and reactions. The boss usually treats them to a team outing in return.
  • Over the last 50 years, there is one thing that has remained constant, wherever there is a boss, there's always big money! So whether or not you believe in Boss's Day, make sure you do something special to put yourself on the fast-track to promotion.
Above mentioned are just some small interesting and funny facts about Boss's Day. You can use them in your Boss's Day cards or other preparations and make your mark. Show your support and be the next in line to receive something in return, probably a raise. Who knows!