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Have some fun on Boss Day party, by playing games. Read on to explore some fun Boss Day party game ideas.

Boss Day Party Games

Boss's day is a day exclusively meant to add zest, festive mood and, of course, celebrations to the routine work atmosphere in the office. You would always find your boss busy inside his cabin with his/her head buried under a heap of files. This is the day - probably the only day of the year - when you can pull your boss out of the cabin. Throw in some adventure, along with practical jokes and make this day memorable for him/her by showing your appreciation for the support and the advice that has helped you identify your potential. In many workplaces, employees plan parties to celebrate Boss's day. What can be more enjoyable than a party that can dissolve the differences and create an obvious informal atmosphere? Parties are all about having fun and the best way to add amusement to a party is to add wonderful games to them. There are a bunch of interesting party games which are mentioned below. Select the ones you like and 'jet, set go'!

Boss Day Party Game Ideas

It is a guessing game that is linked with famous people. The participants are divided into two groups. Each team, upon their turn, thinks about a famous person and reveals the first letter of his/her name. The opponent team can ask a fixed number of yes/no questions and based only on these monosyllables i.e., yes and no, they have to identify the person. Needless to say, this game demands good knowledge in the biographies of famous persons.

Treasure Hunt
In this game, a person (game master) hides a treasure like a ring, pen, painted egg etc. while the others have to look for it. The participants get clues in the form of puzzles. Answer to each puzzle either leads to another clue, which in turn can be again another puzzle, or clues about the exact place where the treasure is hidden. The game tests the reasoning ability of the participants. The person with sharp reasoning ability obviously wins the game.

Musical Statues
This is a party game in which all the participants dance with the music played, usually on a dance floor or a party hall. A game master controls the music and stops it at a random point and the players must freeze immediately. The players who fail to stop immediately are called out of the game. The dance is continued when the music is switched on again. The person who consistently stops and resumes dance in tandem with the music wins the game.

Truth Or Dare
This is a common party game in which a player is asked to choose between 'truth or dare'. If the person chooses truth, he/she has to answer a question usually an embarrassing one asked by the other players. If the person chooses dare, he has to do something either embarrassing or scary as asked by the other person. For office environments, dare is the way to go.

Passing The Parcel
While the game master plays the music, the participants stand in a circle and start passing a parcel, usually a gift. Just when the music stops (at a random point), whoever holds the parcel at that moment is called out of the game. The games resumes as the game master starts the music again. The luckiest person wins the game and the parcel.

Office Celebrity
Guessing the name of the celebrity needs a vessel containing slips with names of various celebrities written on it. Only in this case, the celebrity names are replaced by the office people's names. The players are divided into two groups. One player from a group comes and picks up a slip from the container and gives clues about the name on the slip. Based on the clues, his team members have to guess the colleague's name within a pre-fixed time period. The clues should not be a direct reference to the person. For example, if you are giving clues about a person called Michael, you cannot do the Michael Jackson's moon-walk. The team that identifies correctly emerges a winner.

Above mentioned are some interesting games you can play at the boss's day party. Just remember, this day is about the boss so, don't leave him/her out of the fun.