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Boss's day party invitation is made simple in the following article. Glance through the ideas given below and plan your invitations accordingly.

Boss Day Party Invitation

Boss's day is celebrated on the 16th of October every year and it is the day when bosses are given their due credit. From constant support, to ideas, inspiration, motivation, opportunities and encouragement, the reasons for saying thank you to your boss can go on and on. One of the ways you could celebrate Boss Day is by throwing a party in his/her honour. Planning and organizing a party requires a lot of effort. The invitation is the first and foremost aspect of any type of party that you have to look into. The invitation to the party makes your boss look forward to the special day and leaves your guests restless to be a part of the event. Whatever may be the case - whether it is a formal or an informal party - there are numerous ways to make sure that the event is interesting from the beginning right to the end. It is important to make sure that your invitation is attractive enough to lure people to the concept and keep the hype alive. Don't let the invitations reveal the entire secret, just mentioning the time and venue will keep the excitement level high. Given below are some interesting Boss Day party invitation ideas. Read on to learn more about them.

Boss Day Invitation Ideas

Bell The Cat - Get The Boss First
Inviting the boss to his own party can be a little frightening and a tad bit strange as well. Choose from the following ideas and decide which one suits you the best.

Greeting Card
You can make a handmade greeting card or buy it from a store. Remember to include the date, time and venue on the card. If you want to give a hint of the theme that the party is planned according to, then you could think of a quote that matches your theme and include that as well. An e-card is also a good and eco-friendly idea for an invitation to a Boss's Day party.

Other Ideas
From recording the invitation in the form of a musical limerick or ballad to even a scroll, you could send the party invitations in various forms. The main objective of the invitation is to inform the boss of essential details like the time, date and venue and to make him/her excited about the upcoming event. So don't forget to make your invitation catchy and witty.

All Aboard - Invite The Rest

On the Notice-board
'We are so glad that Boss's Day comes yearly, because we love our boss dearly! Join us with the celebrations on 16th October at X pm.' A message like this could be included in a colourful poster and pasted at a place where it is clearly visible to all employees. The poster could be put up at the entrance or even inside a common room. If there is a white board, then the message could be written on the board with colourful markers. Whether it is a casual invitation or a bright and colourful poster, the idea is to make sure that everyone reads it and finds out about the party.

Invitation Notes
Small handmade invitation notes could be handed out to each employee individually as well. These notes could include a small message and the details of the party. Furthermore, mention in the note if there is a dress code and other such details as well.

An email to the personal mail address of every employee is also a green way of going about inviting your guests for the boss's day party. You could include the picture of the boss or any other picture that matches your selected theme. Change the font and the colour of the text and lo and behold, you have a smart, easy and eco friendly invitation to the boss's day party ready at your fingertips!

A boss's day party starts with inviting the guests which ensures that there is a good turnout of employees at the party. Sending out the invitation a week in advance is therefore a good idea. This will guarantee you a good number of footfalls at your party as your guests will have enough time to reschedule their itineraries.