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Boss's day party menu is given in the article below. Read through this article and make your party a great success!

Boss's Day Party Menu

Boss's day is around the corner and planning a party that befits your magnanimous boss is the least you could possibly do for him/her. A party is a big affair and requires endless planning and long hours of organising. Decorations, presents, party favours, sending out invitations and making arrangements like the music, dance floor, etc. can take up most of your time. An important thing missing from the above mentioned list is 'food'! No party can be a success without the much important 'menu card' and 'food arrangements'. From the innumerable cuisines and food themes that you can possibly imagine, you will be more than just a little confused when it comes to picking one amongst them all. Sticking with your boss's favourite dishes and cuisine is always a safe bet! Important considerations like the number of people in your guest list and the budget will help you plan your party perfectly. With two to three starters, four to five main course dishes and two to three dessert options, you shall be good to go ahead and kick-start the boss's day party! Explore the following sections to learn about various menu ideas for a boss's day party.

Planning Boss Day Party Menu

Lunch Menu
Starters - From different types of salads like Caesar salad, baby spinach salad or even mixed field greens to baked popcorn Rockefellers and spicy popcorn shrimps, you could choose any one of these and not go wrong.

Main Course - Does a choice of freshly roasted meats served with fresh seasonal vegetables, potatoes and accompaniments sound appealing to you? Yes, you could include these in the main course if your boss prefers non-vegetarian food. Otherwise opt for pasta, risotto, chopsuey, noodles, breads or fried rice and a vegetable side dish.

Dessert - Chocolate fudge cakes served with whipped cream or ice-cream make for great desserts. Alternatively, glazed lemon tarts with raspberry coulis or even a simple fresh fruit salad could be an instant hit and satisfy the sweet tooth of the boss and the employees alike.

Cocktail Menu
When trying to think of a menu for a cocktail party, keep in mind that food that needs a knife and fork to eat isn't going to be very convenient. For cocktail parties, the best kinds of foods are finger foods and this could include starters like Mexican quesadilla, chicken wings, mini burgers and obviously the ever popular french-fries/wedges, cheese and crackers, cantaloupe balls wrapped in prosciutto, mini pizzas and last but not the least, small skewers of food like satay and kebabs!

Dinner Menu
Starters - Chips and salsa with a Mexican dip or cheesy pastries filled with chicken liver pate mixed with chopped walnuts, a soup, wild mushroom tartlets or even a baked and stuffed Romano peppers are all good ideas for starters at dinner.

Main Course - Ravioli with squash and crunchy crumbs, bean enchiladas, grilled lamb chops served with roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables and rosemary balsamic sauce make for a good list to choose from. Depending on the popular favourites, you can choose a Mexican, Caribbean, Italian, Mediterranean, Greek, Moroccan, Thai, French or even an Indian theme to narrow down your options and make the evening interesting.

Desert - From tarts, cheesecakes, cranachans, neapolitan semifreddos, zucottos with orange and chocolate and muffins, the list is endless! You can spoil your guests with these sinful delights and leave them craving for more. Selection of cheese and biscuits with celery grapes and chutney, hot chocolate soufflés with chocolate cream sauce, Dorset apple tray bake, classic sponge sandwich, rhubarb pie, steamed cranberry roly-poly could be a great way of closure to the boss's day party.

You can modify the menu according to your whims and fancies or according to the likes and dislikes of the employees and your boss. Starting a conversation with your boss about his culinary taste, a few days before boss's day, is a good idea. Always remember that the way to a human's heart is through his/her stomach and your boss isn't off the hook either.