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Decoration is an essential element of any type of party. Check out ideas for planning the decor of your Boss Day party.

Boss Day Party Decoration

Even with a self-explanatory theme such as this, there are still some details which you might miss out! Boss's Day, typically celebrated in the second week of October in almost all countries, is a special occasion celebrated for the most hardworking person of them all (even though, you might completely disagree!). There is no denying the fact that your manager would be the first person to be excited about your birthday, big day and so on. So, why not be a part of the celebrations on this day? So, you've got a party planned and you need help with the set-up and decorations. Although it might seem a bit trivial to dwell on the subject of adornments, embellishments, ornamentation and the beautification of the place, it is important for it to be a sophisticated and professional get-together. Employees are allowed to take all the liberty in collectively arranging an event which lets their creative juices flow. If you want to stand out from the rest then be the leader in taking the idea from start to finish. There are a few tips which you need to follow, irrespective of how close you are to the boss. Read on for an overview into the decoration aspect of the party.

Boss Day Party Decoration Ideas

Make a list of popular themes by getting a unanimous vote from all the others. If a great idea pops up, then use it or else, stick with the nature of your company. For example, supposing you are working for an environment-based industry, what you can do is deck up in 'green'. At the same time, don't go overboard in making it gaudy and undisciplined. Instead, bring in some indoor plants, paste post-its of different shapes and sizes talking about your boss's personality, inflate green balloons to stick on the fan/window and write up some unique quotes in green ink to stick on his/her cabin door.

Involve The Gang
Employees need to be a part of this work! Organizing a Boss's Day party is not a small task, infact it is a challenging one that requires all the help that you can get. Every hand is a helping hand. First and foremost, if you've stuck to the theme, make everyone come in green and tape a green streamer around each one's hand. This just adds a small fun element to this eventful day. Be as professional as you can in this matter. Make sure that all the decorations have been put up the previous day! Allot chores to different groups of people and distribute responsibilities of cakes, cleanliness, decorations etc.

Decorate His Cabin
Getting more personal, what you could do is sneak into the boss's cabin after s/he leaves/before s/he arrives (with the help of the secretary!), and make a few changes! For example, put some gifts and cards on the table stating that s/he is the 'BEST BOSS'. Decorate the room with an enlarged photo of all the employees or brighten up some of his furniture with streamers! Your boss might have certain typical one-liners/phrases that s/he uses, make a collage of them and hang it up in the office. Adorning the boss's cabin with scented candles is yet another option. There is nothing more alluring that a beautiful fragrance. Buy a large bunch of flowers and place it on the main desk.

There are miscellaneous ways to accessorize your workplace. Some of the most popular ones include: creating a doorway with balloons, placing candy in a mug (which says: Have fun on Boss's Day!) at everyone's work-station and having a cookie over-dose and distributing it to everyone (including the boss!). Singing telegrams are some of the more modern ways to impress your boss. Look them up online and get them as soon as you can! Video recordings of snippets from the workers can all be compiled into a single CD and screened when the boss enters the room. Lovely audio music can also be played in the background.

These are some of the ideas of decorations that are sure to make this Boss's Day much more special than the others. The finale can be a huge gift from the employees of the company.