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You also need to give favors on Boss Day party. Read further to get ideas on Boss Day party favors.

Boss's Day Party Favors

A boss's day party is a special occasion when you can express your gratitude and appreciation to your boss in a very non-mushy way. It is easy for the bosses to show appreciation and encouragement by promoting you, or even by giving you a raise but for you the options are rather limited to gifts, cards and parties. So, why not dazzle your boss with a grand celebration on this boss's day? Planning and organising a boss's day party is the perfect way to say 'thank-you'. It requires decoration, food arrangements and even arranging gifts for the boss. But wait, you have missed out something! How about distributing gifts to the guests at the party, i.e. the employees? Boss's day party favors ensure that everybody goes home happy and the spirit of benevolence is furthered. From the many ideas that we have listed below for a boss's day party favor ideas, we are sure you won't have much trouble deciding what best suits your wallet and mind-set. If you find one of these ideas useful, don't forget to invite our team to that awesome boss's day party - we might just add further spunk to the original idea!

Boss Day Party Favor Ideas

Official Favors
Official favors include all those items that an employee needs during the time spent inside office like basic stationeries and other supplies. Diamond shaped paper weights, pens and/or pen stands, coasters, diaries, paper pads, telephone diaries, name plates, showpieces with inspirational quotes come under favors that could be distributed at an office party. These gifts stay in the office and are of great use to the employees on a day to day basis. If your budget is a little high then a simple thing like a digital clock, assorted goodie bag with cookies, dry fruits, or even a thin book of motivational quotes could serve as a good return gift.

Classic Favors
Classic themed favors include things from the golden era and the ancient times which conjure timeless memories, class and style. These favors never go out of fashion and forever remain good return gift items in not just a boss's day party but all theme-parties. Ideas for party favors include gold wrapped candies and cigars, gold key chains and pens, bookmarks and a musical CD of golden oldies. Other ideas include gold plated flasks, crystal candle holders and ornamental showpieces depicting flowers, children, shells or even horseshoes and money clips. You can also have golden deities handed or religious gold-plated pendants handed out depending upon the religious sentiments of the employees.

Customised Favors
A customised favor is something on the lines of a group photo with a personal message from the boss. These include customised mugs, greeting cards, showpieces, mouse-pads, coasters, key chains, tee shirts, scarves or even desktop calendars. In a boss day party, the return gift could be a photo framed group snapshot or a collage of the entire organisation. An innovative thing you can do with a collage is write a caption under each employee or give a title. Party favors can also include charm bracelets or lanyards bearing the company's name.

Funny Favors
Funny favors include witty one-liners on thank-you notes or greeting cards or funny photos in a photo frame. Colourful bandanas, glow bands, wigs, masks and/or huge or retro styled spectacles can make for great party favors. Since it is never too old to be young, anything from skipping ropes, coloured play doughs, crayons, rubber balls, stuffed teddy bears or even yo-yo balls can be handed out to the guests at a boss day party.

The above list is written keeping all kinds of work atmospheres in mind. If yours is an office with a lot of young crowd and energy, go with the customised and funny gifts and enjoy yourself but if yours is a big serious firm with lots of grey hairs, then probably official and professional things are the best ones for you. From all of us here, wishing you loads of fun at the boss's day party!