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Whenever you get an opportunity for thanking your boss, never let it go. Thank you boss poetry is wonderful way of doing so.

Thank You Boss Poems

There is a famous saying by G. B. Stern that goes: "Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone". There is as much ambiguity in this quote as there is truth. You love your boss for all the opportunities that s/he has endowed on you, but how do you express this feeling? By randomly walking up to him/her and saying it or by send a sly thank you email? No need for that! Pick up the courage to give your boss a card on this Boss Day. Again, the question of what to include in this note clouds your mind. An amazing way of showing the other person that you care is the art of poetry. Poems are highly creative and can express a lot more layered sentiments than just plain words. Write a poem that is based on the boss's efforts, the infinite encouragement that's s/he provided you mentioning how s/he has motivated you or simply because s/he's just the greatest boss in the world! Including humourous one-liners is not a difficult job, when you have references galore. Convey your best regards at the end and who knows, you might be the next employee of the month! If this article has raised your hopes, then look through the next section which is filled with examples of verse that you could use.

Thank You Poems for Boss

A Great Boss
You communicate what I need to accomplish
Your expectations, and what being great looks like
This helps me succeed and my career flourishes
And feeds my inner motivations and psyche.

Having you to talk to is important to me
Sometimes I just need to vent
It is comforting that you don't get angry
When I complain with good intent.

It is nice to win, to succeed, to prevail
In the face of Gibraltar sized barriers
Thanks for ensuring we do not derail
On the way to becoming performance leaders.

A great boss knows all these things
And makes team success a top priority
You make a difference and improve work's meaning
And for that I thank you whole heartedly!

Eager to float that ship upon our ocean
- By Unknown Author

Thank You for Your Support
Angels lift us to our feet when our wings have
trouble remembering how to fly
You've been an angel
Such support, an aide, a crutch
A friend, not just in fair weather but foul
And I'm grateful ever so much
- By Micki.

Poem - 3
I know that when you lead, we succeed,
Because you know what to do,
To be a Boss, takes a special breed,
I guess you know that too.
It takes confidence and a steady hand,
To control a successful operation,
The ability to listen and understand,
When those you lead need calibration.
Being a Boss is more than supervision,
It requires common-sense indeed,
And we thank you for that vision,
Because when you lead we succeed.

Boss Day is the perfect opportunity to thank the boss for his/her constant support and motivation. Writing down thank you poems will be a great way to show your love and regard for your chieftain.