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Goodbye poems for boss can be sentimental, emotional as well as funny! Read the following article and be inspired!

Goodbye Poems for Boss

A person's career is an essential part of his/her life. Professionals today spend a lot of time at the workplace and tend to develop warm relationships with the people around them. Be it the boss or office colleagues or even the coffee boy, everybody becomes a family as you meet the same people every day, five days a week (or even more)! Your boss is one of the prominent figures in your office and matters the most to you and the team. It is necessary to have a good rapport with your superior for your success and career growth not only because being in the good books of the boss is desirable but also because amiable teams are more likely to perform better than other teams. Slowly and gradually with time, these relationships grow stronger and more than just a professional interaction. It is only when one has to leave the organisation that his/her importance and prominence in the office are truly felt. So, if it is that time when you must bid farewell to your boss, make sure you let them know their worth and make their farewell a momentous occasion for them to remember forever. Expressing your emotions with the help of some beautiful poems is a good idea. Poems are among the most trusted means of communicating your emotions, especially when it comes to saying goodbye to your boss. Check out some goodbye poems, which you can dedicate to your boss, in the subsequent sections.

Boss Farewell Poems

Meaningful Poems
If what you have in your mind translates to, 'Boss I love you and will miss you' then the poems given below might just meet your demands. Sometimes, the occasion demands humour and sometimes it demands maturity and seriousness. If you believe that a goodbye should be falling under the second category then the following poems will help you convey your message brilliantly. These poems bid adieu to the boss while wishing him/her well for the journey that lies ahead. Fond memories and bitter-sweet experiences can be included in this poem and you could also put in a line or two about the admiration, respect and love which you hold for him/her.

Great Bosses Grant the Glory They Receive
Great bosses grant the glory they receive,
Offering their praise and their devotion.
On them the mantle settles like a cloak
Designed to shelter lots of little folk,
Bearing them along in its emotion.
Yet freely we give more than we receive,
Eager to float that ship upon our ocean.

Retirement Requires a Goodbye
Retirement requires a goodbye,
Entailing a sudden separation.
The wound is often deeper than the why:
In truth, an unexpected revelation.
Ravenous the passage of the years
Even as we spend the days together,
Meaning more than we can tell with tears,
Each entangled in the constant other.
Now you must go, and we remain behind;
Ties so strong will not so soon unbind.

Funny Poems
If you happen to enjoy a friendly relationship with your boss and have been around for a long time, then a humourous goodbye poem is just the thing for you. If you are a jovial, funny and a prankster of a person - and are sure that your boss can appreciate humour - then enjoy the poem given below and tweak it a bit to fit your measurements. Making a goodbye light enough to elicit a smile or even laughter is not easy, but the following poem can help you do the trick. Also, if you want to liberate some negative feelings and wouldn't want to seriously tell him that you wish he would take a cruise and be eaten by some cannibals, then here is an innocent and humorous method of fulfilling your wishes.

The Boss Poem
Dear Boss I wish you well this year
And well upon your way from here.
May soon you land on distant shores
Where they won't let you pray before
They sacrifice your scrawny butt
And hang your head above a hut
Next to the tribal eating place
Where you are served up after grace.

Because they really love to eat
And you are such a lovely treat.
So here's a ticket. There's the boat
Happy hunting you old goat.
You are the prize so don't delay
Just say goodbye and go away!
We won't be seeing you around
But we will manage anyhow.

Funny or serious, whatever be your pick, the idea is to understand the importance of bosses and express your gratitude to the outgoing cheif who mentored you to what you are today.