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Your boss is a person who really deserves appreciation and get here some of the small poems that serve the purpose.

Boss Appreciation Poems

Yes, it is really tough being a boss but, bosses are not always tough. It is their responsibility that makes them tough. Cool your boss down with a poem that appreciates his/her efforts in leading a diverse group of individuals and applaud the hardships s/he faces to get the best out of other people. There are a number of ways to appreciate a person. Gifts, speeches, songs - all of them are special in their own way. But, reciting a poem has a special importance because, poems are often are written on single subjects. They are specific, not generic. They communicate the feelings and emotions of the poet directly to the subject, in a simple rhythm. It would be great if you can write a poem by your own. Of course, it is not easy. But, you can attempt to pen a poem by keeping some tips in mind. Firstly, concentrate on a single theme like appreciation, thanksgiving etc. Think of the qualities and achievements of the person and then relate these points using poetic words and a simple rhythm. Let's look at some examples!

Appreciation Poetry for Boss

A Small Poem
"Doing special favors
In a dozen different ways
Looking out for others
With no thought
Of thanks or praise
Treating workers like a family,
Setting good examples, too
These things make a wonderful boss
And they all apply to you!"

Appreciation On Boss's Day
"This day is special and it's just for you
To tell how much we appreciate you
We cannot tell how happy we are
To have the boss the way you are
We have someone who listens to us
We have someone who guide us through
The problems could have never been simple
If you had not given us confidence to fight them through
You have accepted us the way we are
You have made us perform and make that mark
The joy of success has always prevailed
Because the failure distinctively got nailed
We are a team and we love to perform
We like to take storm by its horns
We now know how to rock
Because we are lucky to have you as our boss
This day is special and it's just for you
To tell how much we appreciate you
We cannot tell how happy we are
To have the boss the way you are"

For A Wonderful Boss On This Special Day
(A poem by Audrey A. Cooper)
"That special boss, you work for
A Special poem from all of us
There are many bosses in this world, but
None of them can compare how special you are, to all of us
You have that special quality that lets each of us,
Be ourselves, even when we may over bearing at times, it seems.
You have that special quality that doesn't change any one of us,
Only to enhance and bring out the best qualities in each of us,
And we all thank you for that.
You are a very special
Boss to all of us!
Happy Boss Day!"

Being A Boss Is Tough
It is not always easy to be the one in charge
In charge of fixing the daily conundrums
Having to make the call can cause the nerves to flair
Flair with fear and raw vulnerability for what's unknown
And the issues get more gnarly as the day wears on
Wearing patience thin and testing tired brain cells
Why would anyone want to be the boss?
The boss gets all complaints and aggravation
Constant interruptions render plans obsolete
Obsolete and out of touch before clearing the gate
Being a boss comes with these and many more challenges
Challenges roller coaster emotions and many more energy
These diversions don't overshadow the reasons to lead
Leading is about people, connection and excellence
Leaders can see and develop our potential
The potential to fully express and utilize our talents
The boss cares about whether people are engaged
Engaged and unencumbered by rolling curd
Hats off to all leaders who get through the muck
The mucky muck of business to help people be great
Jobs would be unbearable without great bosses
Bosses who get what leading is really about"

Use these poems directly or use them as reference. Any ways, reciting a poem is the easiest way to appreciate a person.