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Funny cards for your senior, on Boss Day, will help bring a smile on his face. Know more about humorous Boss Day cards.

Funny Boss Day Cards

"He isn't a real boss until he has trained subordinates to shoulder most of his responsibilities." ~ William Feather. If your boss has given you so much, it's time to give him some niceness back! Hence, October 16th of every year is dedicated to this special person that has seen your worst and best career performances. What can be a better way to appreciate these efforts than by showering him/her with flowers or even just a single card? A funny boss day card can instantly cheer bosses up. Not only would this bring a smile on their faces, it could also relieve their stress multiple fold! There are simple rules while selecting these cards and you must keep in mind that we're dealing with senior profiles of the companies here. Creating a soothing and relaxed atmosphere comes with the price of being finicky and choosing the most hilarious, non-vulgar and sensible card in the market. A perfect blend of pictures, artwork, quotes and writing is sure to make for good aesthetics and future recommendations! We've listed a few ideas in the next section that give you a hint about the things you can include in a funny boss day card.

Humourous Cards For Boss's Day

As Simple As It Gets
There are a few employees who are a little introverted. Wondering what to do if you're one of them? Don't worry as we have covered every kind of individuals here. It is the thought that counts; you don't have to gift your boss expensive cards and gifts to be noticed by him. A concise, meaningful and personalized note is all that is required. Making it a little witty is sure to earn you brownie points. Be not afraid as this is your ticket onto his good side! Here are a few examples:




The Hardest Working Employee In The World!


Hey boss, we have a lot of things in common!
What I meant was...its great fun working with you! HAPPY BOSS DAY!

Kindest regards,

Risky Business!
Poking fun at your boss is allowed, but just on this one day! Make the best use of it but don't take overdue advantage as this might lead to a loss of respect and put the boss in a very uncomfortable situation. Avoid crude humour and replace it with more subtle and delicate wit. Why it's called risky business is because commenting on the boss's appearance and mannerisms might not always be seen in the right light! Do this only if you've been in the company long enough and know your seniors well enough. Some examples are:


It's your day, Boss! Put up your feet up on the desk.... and relax...take a deep breath and exhale, listen to some music and feel at home!
You know, like you do every day!
Happy Boss's Day!

Your watchful employee,


We, the employees are best at snoozing!
You, the BOSS is best at waking us up with your loud peals of laughter!
No need of an alarm clock! Cheers to that!

With all sincerity and honesty,

Your Creative Best
There are some employees, who absolutely adore their bosses so much that their talent for poetry and quotations come out on Boss's Day! If you are one of them and are looking to write a creative piece or make it snazzy with a saying, then you've come to the right place. Whether 'you' are impressed or not, we definitely hope your boss feels loved on this special day. The gift of verse is greater than the gift of the gab! Put your heart where your mouth is and read some of these funny, humourous ways to bring a smile on the boss's face!


"I've met a few people in my time who were enthusiastic about hard work. And it was just my luck that all of them happened to be men I was working for!"
Even then, HAPPY BOSS'S DAY!

Compliments from,


Thank you for your guidance,
When the chips are down,
And for getting no angrier,
Than somewhat a stern frown

Thank you, in anticipation,
For a raise in my pay,
Which I richly deserve,
For sucking up to you this day!

Have a Terrific Boss's Day!

Lots of Love and Smiles,

These are some of the examples and tips that you can follow if you are planning on gifting your senior, a funny boss's day card. May the best employee be you!