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Make your boss feel special on his birthday by sending him a greeting card. Read on to know more about happy birthday cards for boss.

Happy Birthday Boss Cards

A birthday brings a myriad of thoughts to our mind such as balloons, candles, cakes, parties, etc. Birthdays are those special days that give us the much needed occasion to convey our regards to the birthday person. Simple flowers, grand bouquets, gifts, cards, etc. are some of the things we use to show our love and concern to the birthday boy/girl. It is the time to greet the person with warm wishes and prayers for a good future. And technically, it should be the same for all birthday people. But when it comes to boss's birthday, the abundance of choices backfires and turns into a heap of confusion and questions. Do I wish my boss conventionally or uniquely? Do I send a card, a bouquet or just a simple mail? By the time we get answers to these questions, it is too late to think of something as simple as a cozy get-together or a grand gift. So, play it safe and stick to the basics. Greet your boss by sending across a basic and respectful birthday - it is the safest and best idea. And now, if you are confused about the type of card that you could present to your boss, think about the rapport you share with him/her. To get a better idea, read on the following section for more ideas.

Birthday Greeting Cards For Boss

Just Known To My Boss
If you are a new employee and you are getting to know your boss, it would be hard for you to guess his/her personality, interests, likes and dislikes. In this case, a conventional would be the most suitable. The following examples could never go wrong:
  • 'Wish you a very happy birthday'
  • 'A birthday is a wonderful day and I hope this day brings you all the happiness and prosperity in your life and career'
Long-Term Acquaintance

If you have been working with your boss for quite some time then you would obviously know his/her particular likes and dislikes. A long time with your boss allows you to pen down a personal message for his/her birthday instead of opting for a conventional one. Personal greeting conveys the warmth and concern that comes with a long association.
  • 'Work is fun with a wonderful person and a strong leader like you. May god bless you with success and prosperity! Wish you a happy birthday!'
  • 'Hope this special day brings you all the special things your heart desires and you truly deserve it. It is a great pleasure working with you. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to an Incredible Boss!'
Of Bosses & Friends

It is a good thing if you consider your boss as one of your friends. In that case, opt for a message that has a touch of warmth and affection along with some informal tone to it.
  • 'Your Birthday is a special day for me because of you. And it is the time when wishes flow straight from the heart and I hope for everything, which is simply the best, to be forever yours. For being a wonderful boss, whom I will always treasure, wishing you a Happy Birthday!'
  • 'Time blesses each of us with a special person who changes our lives for the better. Those people always hold a special place in our hearts. To me, you are such a person because of your constant guidance and encouragement. I am privileged to have a great boss like you. My prayers and wishes for a great future are always with you. Wish you a Great Birthday!'
  • 'Dear boss, you are getting older. No other choice but to bear it. Happy Birthday!'
Some More Tips

It is not necessary that you go for the standard cards every time. You have other options also.
  • Photo cards - Make a card with the photo of the entire team. This one doubles up as a nice souvenir also.
  • Handmade cards - A touching heartfelt gesture like a handmade card is unmatched in its value and aesthetic appeal.
  • Electronic cards - Electronic cards are good alternatives for traditional paper cards. They are not only eco friendly but faster and easier to send.
Birthday greetings for bosses are more than just a random collection of lines that you scribble hastily, at the last minute. This wish has the power to work magic and strengthen the relationship which you share with your boss. Hope the article above helps you in conveying your thoughts and sentiments appropriately.