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Celebrate your Boss Day by sending some animated Ecards or Egreetings to your boss, easily available on the internet.

Boss Day Ecards

Boss's Day is around the corner and what better occasion could there be to shower your boss with tokens of your affection and respect? Although you may despise your boss on certain days but there's no denying the fact that he/she plays a critical role in shaping your career and helps you in achieving higher goals in your career. On this special day, you can thank your boss for being the source of encouragement and inspiration by sending him/her a thoughtful card, gift basket or even a gift. If you are unsure about the likes and dislikes of your boss, a safer bet would be to purchase a card specifically created for the occasion. You can take your pick from a wide variety of collections to show your appreciation to your boss for his/her support and inspiration at work. A card that has a great quote, nice image or some funny words to tickle the funny bone could be a great way to wish your boss a great Boss's Day in style. All year round, it is the boss who has been appreciating your good work and endeavour and now it's your turn now to thank your chieftain and there's no better time than a Boss's Day to say it all and more.

Boss Day Egreetings

The internet has travelled a long way and imagining a life without the World Wide Web has become impossible. So, even on Boss's day you could rely on the world of internet and send your boss an electronic greeting card. The best part of e-cards is that you can send as many e-cards as you want at no extra charge!

A few tips and considerations to keep in mind while clicking the 'send' button would be as follows;

Personalise Your E-Card
Jot down a few lines like the poem given below and add a personal touch to your e-card. It can range from a poem to a few lines showing your deepest gratitude and appreciation. Here is an example given below,
"Being the one in charge
Is definitely hard
And is sometimes thankless
Hence this card."

Keep It Professional
Think of the impression that you would want to create on your boss and then go ahead and select the card that best fits the image. An animated or funny card should not cross the limits of decency and does not have to be overtly friendly. Review the e-card before choosing and make sure that the content is not sarcastic, offensive, humiliating or inappropriate.

Bigger Isn't Always Better!
Animated, multimedia and face uploading e-cards are essentially large and occupy a great space. These would take a while to open and sometimes, are very difficult to attach and send in the mails. Keep all these areas in mind. Choose an e-card that does not take half a day to open. Keep it short and sweet!

Be Appreciative
Boss's day is the day dedicated to your boss. Even if you share a good rapport with your boss and are allowed to crack jokes in his/her vicinity or even poke fun at your colleagues and your boss also, it is best to give it a rest and be professional on this special day. Remember, this is the one day that you should take your time out and make him/her feel special by showing your appreciation. For all the support, encouragement, inspiration and motivation, the least that you can do is send an e-card which tells him/her that it is a pleasure working in the office because of the boss! Gather inspiration from the poem given below,
"If Oscars were given to bosses
I'd nominate you
If Olympic medals were won by bosses
Your Gold is overdue
If Nobel Prizes were awarded to bosses
You would have quite a few
If Honorary degrees were granted to bosses
You'd have some of them too."

After going through this article, wishing Happy Boss's Day to your boss should not be a difficult task for you anymore. Hit the send button on your mail and watch your boss glow in the warmth of your admiration.