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Paper crafts make interesting Boss Day gifts.Come; let's share some fun ideas for Boss Day paper crafts.

Boss Day Paper Crafts

Boss day is a special occasion to thank your boss for all his/her support and help. Although, no material gift can compensate for all the encouragement and opportunities that your boss showers on you, small gestures like a card and a small gift or even a note of appreciation would be well received. Although, there are numerous gift options available in the market, nothing expresses your warmth and gratitude than your self-made stuff. You can buy a lovely gift, wrap it beautifully and present it to your boss. The gesture would be noted but then anybody can do that. If your gift can convey the message that you have put great effort to make something special for your boss, then that would be the ideal gift. It will not only stand-out from the rest but also be a touching reminder of the time and effort which you spend upon it. The purpose is not to present something grand but something beautiful; it is not a competition of who gives the most expensive gift to the boss, it is just a gesture to make your team leader feel appreciated and adored. There are simple ways like creating paper craft works which can make brilliant gifts for your boss on this special day. And, don't worry about your craft skills, we have very simple ideas that you can follow for this purpose.

Boss Day Paper Crafts

Simple Card

Materials Needed
  • A blank card or some sheets of coloured paper.
  • Normal size scissors
  • Small tip scissors (to make intricate designs)
  • Adhesives: Double sided tape, glue stick, liquid glue and 3-D foam pads
  • Craft knife
  • Meter ruler
  • Trace or draw the desired designs on a paper.
  • Cut those designs using the fine tip precision scissors and keep them aside.
  • Either use a colored paper or an old card or even paint a white paper with your favorite color. Cut this paper to a desired card size. You can use meter rulers to measure the length.
  • Fold the paper into half and trim the uneven parts with the straight cut scissors.
  • Arrange the cut designs on this blank card and paste them. Smooth out and wipe the excess glue. Keep it aside and allow drying.
  • Write your message inside the card and place it in a coloured envelope of right size.
  • A basic card for your boss is ready.
Hand Made Paper Albums

A handmade paper album with your boss's photos fixed on it - imagine what a wonderful gift it would be! There are many types of paper albums depending upon your rapport with the boss but the basic idea is the same.

Materials Needed
  • 2 handmade chart sheets
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Printed photographs (boss's favourite or significant in meaning)
  • Paper punching machine
  • Ribbon
  • Plain spare paper
  • Cut out both the chart sheets to smaller sized cut-outs of 9”x6” or in a way that you get 6 pieces from each sheet.
  • Line these 12 pieces of sheets in any sequence that you like. Punch 2 to 3 uniform holes on one side of these sheets.
  • Take the print-outs of your boss's favourite picture (office only or family mixed, depending upon your rapport with him/her) and cut out these print-outs in various shapes, sizes and patterns like stars, ovals, etc.
  • Stick a picture or two on every page and leave some space for a message also.
  • Now ask everyone in the office to write a special message for the boss on a plain paper.
  • Cut these papers out in various shapes and stick them near the pictures. The messages do not necessarily have to be short - you can adjust long messages also with some creative thinking. For e.g., you can fold a long message into a tiny shape, keep it in a bright coloured envelope and paste that envelope under a picture. You can also fold the message many times over and just stick one side of the folded message on the chart and make it look like an expandable message.
  • Once you are done with all the craftwork, arrange the sheets once again and passing the ribbon through the punched holes, tie a beautiful bow at the front page.
  • You can decorate the front page with a picture of your boss, or just his name cur out of coloured paper.
Nothing can match the warmth of a unique handmade paper gift. Try the above mentioned crafts and make this Boss's day special for your boss.